OCTAGON @ AnzenbergerGallery

Katharina Fröschl-Roßboth, from the series ‘Around 31’, 2017, 61 x 78,8 cm, Edition: 5 + 2

June 18 – August 4, 2018

Opening: June 16, 2018 at 7 pm

Artists: Rui Pedro Chagas, Katharina Fröschl-Roßboth, Andreas Fuchs-Martschitz, Martha Jarolim, Ana Koder, Gerhard Kowald, Agnese Morganti, Maria Noisternig

“OCTAGON. Eight. The 8-sided figure. Used for the first time in architecture for the “Tower of the Winds“ in Athens, exemplifying eight winds. Perhaps not from eight, but from the most different wind directions, the photographers of the master class came together: from Portugal, Italy, Latin America, Austria, to learn for a year from three masters and guest teachers from the most various (to stay with the analogy) wind directions: Austria, Egypt, America, Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Slovakia.The work of the participants seems to come from “eight winds“, connected by the four symmetrical axes of the octagon:aesthetics; life/death; man/woman; the state of society. Their photographs move along these thematic symmetrical axes: With pictures that, calmly, almost exhaling, on a closer look into the quiet idyllic countryside, scream questions; with furious imagery, southern vehemence, the blood on the spit of the ancestral bullfighter; with images of tender permeability, with almost apologetic restraint; images in colourful, childlike directness; images that are observing, participating; images that, in spite of being fragmentary, uncover an entire society; images that, through their aesthetics, draw us into a strange, wondrous world; images that, on every social floor show, do not let the beauty of this world be forgotten. In good Viennese: Schaun Sie sich das an! Take a look! (text by Marha Jarolim)”

Absberggasse 27
1100 Vienna, Austria.

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