BRONX JUNIOR PHOTO LEAGUE @ Bronx Documentary Center

Bernard Smith, founder of Stop the Violence, lost both his 19-year-old son and 32-year-old nephew to gun violence in 2000. Shortly after they were killed, Smith started the Bronx-based organization in order to raise awareness about the violence and loss of life within the community.
© Tony Baizan, 18-years-old

JUN 14 – JUL 1, 2018

Middle School Reception Thursday, June 14th, 4-7PM

High School Reception Friday, June 15th, 5-8PM

Justin Arroyo | Jada Arroyo | Tony Baizan | Kayla Beltran | Justin Brefo | Zarah Browne | Elisa Luna Cameron | Anastasia Cordona |Naomi Carrero | Bianca Colón | Mitchell Dennis | Fanta Diop | Cinthia Biannel Encarnacion Rodriguez | Fritzi Garcia | Alberto Garcia | Natasha Gil-Victorio | Jennifer Hernandez | Hailey Inoa | Diego Lozano | Julie Lozano | Tianna Maldonado | Shaeela Martinez | Agnes Ollivier-Yamin | Chloe Rodriguez | Ruby Simon | Janiyah Terry | Dylan Velez | Kalise Williams

“The Bronx Junior Photo League advanced high school class is comprised of students who have been a part of the BJPL for a year or more or have relevant photo experience. This past spring the advanced BJPL students collaborated on a large-scale class project documenting Bronx activists. Working in small teams, students took turns photographing, interviewing and producing portrait sessions, ultimately creating silver gelatin prints in the darkroom and writing profiles on each subject. The students profiled activists from 17 to 70-years-old—men and women who have fought for social justice in the South Bronx since the 1970s and continue to fight for it in their schools and communities today.”

Bronx Documentary Center
614 Courtlandt Ave
Bronx, NY 10451

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