Center Forward 2018 @ The Artery

Image © Randi Ganulin

Center Forward 2018
September 7 – September 29, 2018

Opening Reception: September 7, 2018

Selected Artists: Peter Baker, Michael Cardinali, Jo Ann Chaus,
Kimberly Chiaris, Elizabeth Claffey, Michael Duncan, Kev Filmore,
Matthew Finley, Randi Ganulin, Juan Giraldo, Josh Hobson, Kevin Hoth,
Dai Ito, Mercedes Jelinek, David Johnson, Julie Jones, Pablo Lerma,
Joshua Littlefield, Lisa McCord, Kris Moore, Paul M. Murray, Aoife Shanahan, Leslie Sheryll, Zihui Song, Sabrina Staires, JP Terlizzi, Andrew K. Thompson,
Adolpho Veloso, and Sam Zalutsky.

The Artery in Fort Collins, CO

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