Peter Ydeen @ Saint Joseph’s University

Peter Ydeen “Easton Nights”
August 20th through September 25th, 2018

“Easton Nights is a story of an American city which begins with the world often seen as mundane, only to reveal cascading layers of mystical stages infused with a timeless romance. Backyards, car lots, trucks, houses, signs and facelessToyotas work together forming surreal environments one might expect in a Guillermo del Toro film or possibly the animated energy found in a Burchfield landscape. With its unique color wheel and ambient lights, the night isolates and then amplifies our curious environment giving homage to what we often ignore

This story centers on Easton, but encompasses the entire Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania as well as the sister town of Phillipsburg, New Jersey. With a population of almost one million, the area has no real downtown, or urban center. Instead it is a grouping of many small towns, many Main Streets, and many nationalities. This together with a history dating back to the Revolution creates a microcosm both unique and typical; a fascinating cross-section of Americana.”

Saint Joseph’s University
University Gallery – Merion Hall – Maguire Campus
355 Latches Lane, Merion Station, Pennsylvania

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