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photo+sphere, November 7–11, 2018 Asheville, North Carolina

image: K Baden

November 7–11, 2018

“A city-wide event, photo+sphere brings artists, photographers, filmmakers, environmentalists, and climate scientists together to engage the public through exhibitions, panel talks, film screenings, and a roster of nationally recognized keynote presenters. ”

photo+sphere Team Events
Living In the Anthropocene Age—a film series exploring, challenging and inspiring human interactions related to the environment.

Altering Nature: Pictures of a Changing Environment—an exhibition of new photography by ten contemporary artists investigating the human impact on our natural surroundings, and the implications of that impact on the future.

Sonic Retreat—a workshop in the Smoky Mountains collecting field recordings, video and photographs culminating in a collaborative event.

Picturing Purity—an exhibition looking at purity myths. From the untouched female virgin, to the uninhabited pristine forest; these myths construct an untouchable other in tension with a lustful outsider. Photographers, new media artists, video artists are invited to submit proposals.

The Cloud Library­—a photographic exhibit, archive, and resource center focused on the physics and poetics of clouds in art, science, technology, and the imagination.

Immersive Visualization: The Cosmos, Earth, and Anthropocene—a series of immersive virtual-reality experiences in the Geodome™ Theater.

Asheville, North Carolina
For more info https://www.photoplusavl.com/

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