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Mattia Omar Raboni @ Torrefazione Vittoria

Mattia Omar Raboni: DUST
08th December, 2018/22nd February, 2019

Curator: Walter Borghisani

“Dust is a journey made of spaces to explore in an emotionally empathetic way, made of references to our experience (of joys but also of fears): a journey through “forgotten” but not abandoned places.
And, in this sense and wanting to go down in the specific of photography, the distance from the “urbex” genre and from the places of abandonment is set.
Mattia, on the contrary, wants to accompany us along a path through images that, due to memory, leads everyone to investigate their intimacy. A journey made of immobile places like the air that fills them, places shaped by the passing of time and enveloped in silence.
Visual incursions that bring to light the intrinsic relationship between the vital life of man and these environments, defined by himself, lived and left in a certain moment to his inevitable destiny, but in the meantime apparently frozen (like “who does not know well” what to do with oneself “) in their state of dust cloaks. Dust, precisely.”

Torrefazione Vittoria
Via Ferrabò 4, Cremona

Location: Cremona, Italy Type:

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