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Thomas Freiler @ FOTOHOF archiv

Thomas Freiler – from the series: “Danube”. 1988/2017 16 parts, 50.4 x 50,4cm, inkjet prints

Thomas Freiler: Frühe fotografische Untersuchungen
until January 19, 2019

Tuesday, 16 October 2018, 7 pm Kurt Kaindl in conversation with Thomas Freiler

“In the work of Thomas Freiler, the scientific exploratory approach blends with the artist’s aesthetic aspiration. His entire career as a fine art photographer revolves around sounding out the boundaries and conditions of depicting the world through photography. It is an endeavour that has prompted him not just to scrutinise the conditions of photographic materials and apparatus, but also more recently to build such apparatus himself. With Thomas Freiler, as with many other artists, the key to a better understanding of his oeuvre as a whole is to be found in both his first works and his latest. The current exhibition explores precisely that aspect in the work of Thomas Freiler.”

FOTOHOF archiv
Sparkassenstraße 2 / 5020 Salzburg / Austria

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