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Vadim Gushchin @ The Lumiere Center for Photography

© Vadim Gushchin. Transparent Box #3. 2017

November 14 – March 10

“Working with subject abstraction, the author creates a “poetic catalog” of the world of things around us. Each series he shot is devoted to one of the objects of everyday life—it is interesting to the artist as an idea, a sign. Sustained minimalism, apparent repeatability and compositional simplicity are recognizable features of the photographic language of Gushchin.

The exhibition includes works created by the artist over the past three years. Photos of this period are a new stage in the work of Gushchin and at the same time, a continuation of the cycle of minimalist still lifes. His focus is centered on the book—an object that has managed to preserve its enduring cultural significance in an era of technological revolutions and the dominance of digital information.”

The Lumiere Center for Photography
Moscow, Bolotnaya emb., 3/1

Location: Moscow, Russia Type:

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