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christophe vandon: Here, I’m just passing through
From 1° till 28th february 2019

“My pphotographs were taken at first in September and October 2017, night and day. They relate to a question of space and humans. A street, a construction site of a new subway and a roma camp which includes several hundreds of people. Near the station of Vitry-sur-Seine three miles from Paris, this quiet confrontation concerns two different groups of people that have to stand being in the same place each day, but wihtout exchanges. In the middle of this street, each of them can use the center divide and consider it as a border, a neutral space. On one side of the street, the world of the construction site has to be efficient to built quickly the new subway in high technology. On the other side, hundreds of people are surviving in an unhealthy environment. They organize themselves to find food, water and money, spent time panhandling out by the lot in Paris thanks to the subway. This confrontation is therefore symbolic, between people who build a new subway and people who need subway to survive. There is always activity in this street : few people coming and going, trucks, the street is shared night and day and occupied by so different people. To create more borders and protect themselves from the others, each of these two worlds builds fences to express the desire to cut contact. Each to his own world.”

MACVAC : Edouard Pailleron street, Paris 19

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