Luca Lupi @ Benrubi Gallery

Luca Lupi: Landscapes
June 4 – July 5, 2019

“In capturing the geological and architectural diversity of the bel paese, Lupi invites a modular reading of the Italian coastline, the compositional consistency of his images permitting a continuous and endlessly reconfigurable sequence where built and natural elements are flattened and reduced to their formal properties. Toying with the viewers’ sense of scale, a sublime and boundless sky nearly consumes each frame, transforming the unique details of each landscape into exquisite ornaments; a majestic Tuscan terrace mirrors a strip of narrow white beach, while the cathedrals and cemeteries of ancient Venice appear not grand and imposing but as delicately hewn as tiny watercolors.”

Benrubi Gallery
521 West 26th Street, Floor 2

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