AMERICAN TRUTH @ Chelsea Gallery

Image: Thomas Holton

November 16 – December 14, 2019

Reception: Thursday, November 21, 6:00 – 8:00pm

In “American Truth,” exhibiting artists present objects and images that reflect a multitude of American experiences. With a focus on the moments that are often missed, ignored, polemicized, made invisible, or even erased by the mainstream media, this exhibition explores our collective understanding of others and ourselves as people living in America.

The exhibition’s participating artists include Jaime Permuth (MPS 2009 Digital Photography; MFA 1994 Photography and Related Media), Lissa Rivera (MFA 2009 Photography, Video and Related Media), Kathy Shorr (BFA 1988 Photography), Thomas Holton (MFA 2005 Photography, Video and Related Media), Zackary Drucker (BFA 2005 Photography), BFA Photography graduates Amy Elkins (2007), Star Montana (2013), Dana Davenport (2015), Brian Finke (1998), Lisa Elmaleh (2007), Hector René Membreno-Canales (2014) and Ilona Szwarc (2013) will also be showing work. Other artists in the show include Anna Beeke (MFA 2013 Photography, Video and Related Media), Renee Cox (MFA 1992 Photography and Related Media), Kathryn Mussallem (MPS 2015 Digital Photography), Anna Ogier-Bloomer (MPS 2017 Digital Photography), Rachel Papo (MFA 2005 Photography, Video and Related Media), Sarah Teller (BFA 2017 Photography and Video), Amy Stein (MFA 2006 Photography, Video and Related Media) and Melvin Harper (MFA 2017 Photography, Video and Related Media).

Chelsea Gallery
601 West 26th Street, 15th Floor, NY, NY

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