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Darryl Curran @ dnj Gallery

Screen Focus, Sun: Shadows, 1982;Print date 2017

Darryl Curran “Sun: Shadows”
February 19th – March 2nd, 2019

“I started this work in the late 1970’s. Influenced by Paul Outerbridge, I set out to make my own color photographs in an old fashioned way, with camera separation. Creating photographs in this manner encourages inaccuracy and serendipity, mistakes and happy accidents. Using the triad color filters; red, blue and green with black and white film I was able to re-create the original color of the scene via Kwik Print (a non silver process), photo silkscreen or preferably, the dye transfer process.”

dnj Gallery
3015 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, California 90405

Location: California, Santa Monica, United States Type:

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