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Lina Iris Viktor @ Autograph

Lina Iris Viktor, II. For Some are born to Endless Night. Dark Matter., 2015-9. Courtesy of the artist and Mariane Ibrahim Gallery
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Lina Iris Viktor: Some are Born to Endless Night — Dark Matter
13 September 2019 – 25 January 2020

“Viktor’s works across paper and canvas draw on a variety of artistic traditions and visual influences, from European portraiture, classical mythology and astronomy, to ancient Egyptian and African symbolism. Viktor’s deep, lustrous blacks are punctuated with luminous 24-karat gold and opulent ultramarine blue to create her singular artistic universe. Across photography, painting and sculptural installations – referencing cultural histories of the global African diaspora – Viktor surveys multifaceted notions of blackness: as colour, as material and as socio-political consciousness. To Viktor, black is the proverbial materia prima: the source, the dark matter that birthed everything.”

Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA

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