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Roger Boulay @ Gallery 19

© Roger Boulay

Roger Boulay: Periphery
April 5 – 26, 2019

Opening Reception: April 5 | 6 – 9 PM

“These photographs were all made at former US military sites. My interest in these places stems from questions about how place can contain memory. The notion of a palimpsest—the site of a text erased and then written over again, while traces of the previous text still remain—is central to my work. In searching for this metaphor in locations in Minnesota and other states, I have found that there are many more former military sites than we might realize. The Military’s history and presence is woven into our cultural fabric in many strands that are only partially visible.” -Roger Boulay

Gallery 19
1305 W. 18th St.

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States Type:

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