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11th of April to the 20th of May

opening reception Thursday the 11th of April from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

“For almost two years Tom Jacobi traveled seven continents looking for archaic landscapes that are either dominated by their brightness or open up to the light in unrivaled moments. The photographs for “Into the Light” symbolize that man, coming out of darkness, striving towards the light in the search for the meaning of life. Gazing upwards towards the sun that fills us with the brightest of all colors: White. White, therefore, occupies a particular position in the spectrum of colors. White is, like black and grey, an achromatic color. Ultimately, it is not a color at all – or to put it differently: White is the sum of all colors, the sum of all wavelengths within the visible range. Thus, it arouses the same impression of color as sunlight. There is almost no context in which white is seen as negative. White is experienced as the positive gaze into brightness, whereas black is seen as negative, like gazing into darkness. White is affirmation; black is a negation. White has echoes of purity and spotlessness. It is the symbol of transparency and transcendence. ”

SR CONTEMPORARY ART Niebuhrstraße 11A, 10629 Berlin Deutschland

Location: Berlin, Germany Type:

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