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World Pinhole Day 2019 @ St Pauls Learning Centre – Bristol

image: Justin Quinnell

World Pinhole Day 2019
Sunday 28th April

11-00am and 1-00 – World pinhole Photography day Workshops.
Come and celebrate the 19th year of this event with two x 1 hour pinhole workshops where you can come along, take some mad images with an empty aluminium drink can then watch the negatives magically appear in the darkroom chemicals. We will then upload the images onto the Pinholeday gallery where thousands of pinhole participants from around the world will be uploading their unique images onto the largest pinhole gallery in the world! Be part of something big, through something very small!

15-00 – 16-00

Justin Quinnell – World Pinhole Photography Day – New light through an old hole’
New Light through an Old Hole will cover: the Science, 500 million year history and the immense variety of contemporary approaches to pinhole photography. Justin will then show his own work, which varies in duration from using fraction of a second to 6 months, and using a variety of cameras from the Smileycam (which can fit in his mouth) to a wheelie bin (that doesn’t!).
The lively talk may feature several unnerving demonstrations, such as how to take images entitled ‘being a golf ball’ and a ‘power drill portrait’. The talk can be punctuated by several demonstrations on how to make various pinhole cameras. He will also mention the word ‘aluminium’ incorrectly throughout the talk (just because he can!)

St Pauls Learning Centre – Bristol

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