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YELENA YEMCHUK @ Dallas Contemporary

April 13 – August 18, 2019

“Taking its title from Yemchuk’s ongoing photo series of the same name, Mabel, Betty & Bette is an exhibition exploring the often-elusive nature of identity. The artist focuses particularly on moments of change, crisis and loss of self, as embodied by an expanding cast of over 40 women photographed in a variety of international settings. Each photograph portrays one of the three fictional women— Mabel, Betty and Bette—often portrayed by notable fashion models wearing one of three corresponding wigs and acting out different storylines written by the artist. In constructing and capturing the amnesiac moment when the dreamer wakes, Yemchuk depicts the alarm and confusion that accompany the void between dreaming and waking. The female form acts as a threshold between parallel worlds and explores the female archetype as both an actual body and a symbolic place upon which projections of self and society fall. Rarely depicted as their true selves, these famous shapeshifters draw attention to the continued malleable nature of identity in the 21st century.”

Dallas Contemporary

Location: Dallas, Texas, United States Type:

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