Stephanie Taiber @ Filter Space

Stephanie Taiber: An Inner Meaning; Almost Expressed
May 22–June 20

Closing Reception: June 19

The artist writes, “An Inner Meaning; Almost Expressed tells the story of my process for finding voice later in life, referencing autobiographical moments of hope, musings of worth, vulnerability and power, and rhythmic patterns of self-reflection. I experience natural oscillations of longing and withdrawal. Inside these essential moments, I am exploring the dynamic between ideas of intimacy and a perpetual distancing from myself. Here, where I feel both need and needed, I rely upon a veneer of vulnerability and conventionality as a purposeful appliqué in protecting my privacy. Sexuality and strength emerge only outside a framework of prescribed behaviors oftentimes designed to empower others.”

Filter Space
1821 W. Hubbard St.
Suite 207

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