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Barbara Diener: The Rocket’s Red Glare
September 11 – October 23

Reception: September 11 | 6 – 8 PM

“The Rocket’s Red Glare traces the history of instrumental rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, whose story embodies the artist’s ongoing interest in the complicated German heritage surrounding WWII. A Nazi turned NASA scientist, von Braun’s life represents as much contradiction as his groundbreaking rockets do, which were used as missiles and spacecraft alike. After the war, when von Braun was brought to the U.S. under the controversial Operation Paperclip—a government initiative to secure and extract German scientists—his talents were called upon by the U.S. military. He settled in Huntsville, AL with members of his original rocket team, where they eventually developed the Saturn V and put the first man on the moon. Rather than presenting a complete view of this complex part of German-American history—classified for decades—Diener poses questions, looking at the way that history is passed on through generations, and how facts are distorted, embellished, or undermined.”

Dank Haus
4740 N. Western Ave.


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