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PACIFICO SILANO @ Melanie Flood Projects

, 2020 ⁣
(2) 16″ x 20″ Archival Pigment Prints⁣
Edition 1/3 +1 AP

PACIFICO SILANO: I Won’t Last A Day Without You
by appointment only through November 14, 2020


“In I Won’t Last A Day Without You, Pacifico Silano presents new work from his ongoing series of photo collages that draw from gay erotica magazines published after the Stonewall riots (1969) and through the height of the AIDS epidemic (late 1980s). Layering snippets of desert views with forest flora, tulle with roses, a face, an arm, a shadow—these fragments serve to soften the outlandish performative aspects of male desire commonly found in their source material, and offer instead a tender, quiet and fragile expression of masculinity. The resulting works communicate poetic moments that are embedded with a deep sense of melancholy reflective of the era from which the images were derived. Rather than fantasy and satisfaction, the onlooker now contends with feelings of emptiness and sorrow.”

Melanie Flood Projects
420 SW Washington Street #301
Portland, OR 97204

Location: Oregon, Portland, United States Type:

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