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GORAN BERTOK @ Photon Gallery – Centre for Contemporary Photography

until 24 April 2020

opening on Friday 6 March at 7 pm.

“Goran Bertok’s body of work reveals a profound consistency in the depiction of the human body in certain borderline aspects of life and, above all, in its transience. While focusing on the creation of staged scenes with motifs of unconventional sexual practices, especially from the field of sadomasochism (series Omen, Stigmata, etc.) in his early period, he later turned to a more radical exploration of physicality. This soon led him to the ultimate theme—the physical death. He devoted much of his work to this topic, both through direct visual confrontation with decaying bodies (PostMortem, Visitors), as well as through the portraiture of those who experienced immediate proximity to death (Survivors). By presenting the body “moving” in the immediate vicinity of death, as if having a “love relationship” with death, he somehow logically continues along these lines in the series Hunger. The series is, however, not about a classic duel between Eros and Thanatos, since there is not much room for Eros while Thanatos dominates, so we can only speak of the “love of death” as the ultimate essence of everything in the material realm.”

Photon Gallery – Centre for Contemporary Photography
Trg prekomorskih brigad 1
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia Type:

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