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Kimberly Witham @ New Orleans Photo Alliance

Kimberly Witham
March 20th-April 30th

“Kimberly Witham is the 2018 recipient of the Clarence John Laughlin award. Her work has been featured in Color Magazine, PHOTO+, BLOW photo, The Photo Review, BLINK, and more. In 2016, National Geographic created a short film, “Making Roadkill Into Art,” about Witham’s studio practice. She received a BA in art history from Duke and her MFA in photography from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Her art is influenced by her studies in art history and her interest in the natural world, and her recent work has focused on the relationship between humans and wildlife.”

New Orleans Photo Alliance
1111 St. Mary Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Location: Louisiana, New Orleans, United States Type:

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