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Eva Petrič @ Photon Gallery

© Eva Petrič, SOUNDeSCAPES − Lullaby for Drones, 2020

Eva Petrič: SOUNDeSCAPES − Lullaby for Drones
24 September – 24 October 2020

Opening on Thursday, 24 September, at 7 pm

“The inviolability of what a photograph depicts has been considered somewhat sacred since the beginning of the medium itself. Even a small edit to the snapshot or damage to the physical photograph can change the meaning and clarity of what is conveyed. The mandate of the integrity of photography is, above all, present in its primary use – as a tool for depicting reality. It is thought to portray a continued, coherent, and an intact reality, which is not only impossible but also illusory. ”

Photon Gallery
Zieglergasse 34, 1070 Wien

Location: Austria, Vienna Type:

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