Jacob Kirkegaard @ Fridman Gallery

Jacob Kirkegaard: Testimonium
February 27 – March 27

“For the first time, Testimonium will be presented in its most complete form: the video installation will be accompanied by an eight-channel sound sculpture, and a large-scale photograph of the desolate industrial landscape. The video will be available for viewing and listening on the gallery’s website for the duration of the exhibition.

Kirkegaard created the audio work with vibration sensors placed inside piles of organic waste and incinerators; hydrophones lowered in wastewater and heavily contaminated rivers; and high-fidelity microphones pointed at metal, glass and plastic sorted by hand or machine. The field recordings allow the listener to go beyond the miasma of discarded matter and into its physical core and industrial journey.”

Fridman Gallery
169 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

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