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Millee Tibbs: Mount Analouge
February 19 – March 20

Opening Reception: February 19, Details TBA

“Using photographic images of mountains as a surrogate for the sublime experience, Mount Analogue explores the paradoxical relationship between photography—which can only represent what is in front of the camera’s lens—and the ineffable nature of the sublime experience. Using a single negative and multiple exposures in the darkroom, the artist creates illusory abstract geometries that overlay and redefine romantic mountain photographs. Through this process, Tibbs examines the mind’s attempt to rationalize and tame that which exceeds the limits of perception. The formal strategies employed in the work are informed by Modernist Op Artists who used abstraction to challenge the nature of vision. Like them, Tibbs is interested in the space between what we see and what we know.”

Filter Space
1821 W Hubbard St
Suite 207 Chicago

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