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Carrie Schneider: Deep Like @ CANDICE MADEY

Carrie Schneider: Deep Like
April 17 – May 28, 2021

Opening event: Saturday, April 17, 12pm to 6pm

“Schneider’s work challenges the camera’s presumed capacity for documentation and exactitude, employing multiple exposures, light bleeds and obstructions to express an associative collection of images and influences. Abstractions are comprised of images from the artist’s own archive and from intimate and personal moments from her artistic life, including screenshots of her friends’ work and social media feeds, and appropriations of art works that were formative to her ideas about art (Chantal Akerman, Pina Bausch, Francisco Goya, Sigmar Polke and Jeff Wall appear here)—affectionately referred to by the artist as her poetic blazon. Schneider works intuitively, often in the dark hours before sunrise, in a diaristic process akin to automatic writing. She repeats motifs ad infinitum until they are fully exhausted and a new exemplar emerges—one based not on a singular view, but one generated by unexpected commonalities and the affect of others.”

1 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

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