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Cityscapes @ Blank Wall Gallery

Helen DuWors # Canada # Calgary Train in Snowstorm

October until 13 October 2021

“Photographs of big cities with buildings as the dominant element are presented in this exhibition. Forms and volume prevail and are the elements that characterize the photos and give each city the style that characterizes it. Inside the imposing buildings, the big streets and the crowds, the person seems small, almost insignificant. This feeling becomes even more acute in this exhibition, where the signs of the pandemic are clear. More recent photos coexist with ones taken some time in the past. We have the opportunity to make comparisons of then and now and see that the cityscape, although it remains the same, is certainly affected by the prevailing conditions and the atmosphere has changed. Empty squares, once full of people and streets with people wearing masks are the new reality that we all experience and has been captured in photographs.”

Blank Wall Gallery
55 Fokionos Negri Street
Athens, Greece

Location: Athens, Greece Type:

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