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Coded: Coated @ Catherine Edelman Gallery

© Jonathan Castillo

Coded: Coated
September 9th – October 16th

Opening Reception: September 12th | 3 – 6 PM

a three-person exhibition featuring the work of Paul Somers, Jonathan Castillo, and Hannah Givler, curated by Jay Wolke. “The way we make things impacts the way we perceive them. The power of materials to convey a balance of physical, cultural and personal signifiers determines and amplifies our connections to the built environment. The three artists presented here have deliberately manipulated substance and meaning in ways that interrogate not only subject matter, but also the strategies that influence our perceptions and responses to the artifacts we experience. Coded: Coated functions as an exercise in mystery and discovery, engaging viewers to decipher symbolism as conveyed through provocative applications of material production.” —Jay Wolke

Catherine Edelman Gallery
1637 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL

Location: Chicago, Illinois Type:

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