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DINO KUŽNIK @ Photon Gallery Vienna


11 June – 14 July 2021

Opening will begin at 6 p.m. Friday, June 11

“In the series Shaped by the West, created between 2016 and 2019 on his several solo road trips through the country, Dino Kužnik (1986, Slovenia) portrays some of the most iconic symbols of the American West; the car, the gas station, the road and the landscape. Conceptually, the series stems from the artist’s experience of the westernization of Slovenia during the transition from socialism to capitalism, after its independence in the 1990s. This shifting atmosphere led to confusion over what was archetypally Slovenian, which was, according to the artist, felt most strongly by the young generation he was a part of. It was easier to identify with established, westernized realms, especially in popular culture. He grew up with American imagery and values conveyed through television and film, with the “great American spirit” communicated through visually established symbols of the “most powerful country in the world.” These, among other influences, had a significant impact on his goals and aspirations as an adult goal and, more importantly, on his artistic endeavours.”

Photon Gallery Vienna
Zieglergasse 34
1070 Vienna

Location: Austria, Vienna Type:

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