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Fine Art @ Blank Wall Gallery

Guillermo Espinosa # Spain # Blurry Night

Fine Art
29 October until 10 November 2021

“Fine Art photographs have a large audience that is always attracted by the different aesthetics in the depiction of reality. The images carry a magic that emerges from the photographer’s point of view and from their willingness to present something ordinary through a different prism and a different perception. Frequently different techniques are used as a tool by the photographers in this artistic expression.

Viewers get a taste of what the artists see with their own eyes. It is always extremely interesting to try to get into the mind of the artists so that you can get even a little glimpse of how they perceive the world around them. Especially when the artists come from different parts of the world with different aesthetics, experiences and rules.”

Blank Wall Gallery
55 Fokionos Negri Street

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