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Jeffrey Wolin @ Catherine Edelman Gallery

© Jeffrey Wolin

Jeffrey Wolin: Faces of Homelessness
December 10th – February 5th, 2022

Opening Reception: December 10th | 5 – 7:30 PM

“For more than 30 years, Jeffrey Wolin has combined photographic portraiture with auto-biographical texts, exploring issues about memory, identity, and trauma. Beginning in 1985, Wolin turned the camera on himself, writing personal stories directly on photographs that related to his life. Soon after, he began photographing residents at a housing project in Indiana, Holocaust survivors, and American and Vietnamese war veterans, combining portraits and personal histories directly on the photographic surface. His newest series, Faces of Homelessness, examines the homeless crisis and its complicated realities.

The homeless crisis can be seen across America, in small towns and major cities, on the streets and in shelters. While some people are homeless due to drug/alcohol addiction or mental health issues, an overwhelming percentage are in this situation due to the loss of a job, domestic violence, divorce, sudden medical expenses, lack of affordable housing, and homophobia. And then there are the invisible homeless – families staying in hotels, with relatives, or couch surfing among friends. Wolin worked with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless to understand the situation, mindful to present all aspects. His interactions took him from the viaducts under Lake Shore Drive, to Venice Beach in Los Angeles, and even to newly rented apartments. Working in Chicago and Los Angeles, Wolin continues to honor people’s lives through their own words, helping us understand issues often unfamiliar or ignored.”

Catherine Edelman Gallery
1637 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL

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