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Marina Black @ Catherine Edelman Gallery

© Marina Black

Marina Black: Unseen
June 11th – August 28th

Opening Reception: June 11th | 5 – 7 PM CT

“Unseen by Marina Black, which features works from two of her series, Hasard Anticipé and Palimpsests. In Hasard Anticipé, Black presents photographs of daily activities – dancing, a soccer game, children swimming – that seem ordinary until wires, ropes, and other objects obscure reality and the identity of those pictured. In her newest series, Palimpsests, Black creates fictional histories for unnamed people. Together, Hasard Anticipé and Palimpsests ask more questions than are answered, offering meanings that change based on our own past.”

Catherine Edelman Gallery
1637 W Chicago Ave

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States Type:

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