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Misia-O’: Different Shades of White @ CirCa Gallery

Misia-O’: Different Shades of White
6 July to 25 September 2021

“The new suite of photographs featured in Misia-O’s ‘Different Shades of White’ series is the result of a year of painstaking research, with the Surrealist aesthetic of the images rooted in the artist’s love of Surrealism, Dadaism and 1930’s Paris, and in particular her admiration for the work of Lee Miller. Miller was romantically involved with Man Ray for a time whilst working with him in his studio in Paris, and reputedly had a major part to play in the development of the solarization technique which Man Ray was given all the credit for. So in a way, Misia-O’s is not only redressing the balance of the male gaze, by depicting the female model from the point of view of the female gaze, but also redressing the balance of important female photographers and artists from history often being relegated to the role of ‘Muse’, such as Lee Miller. ”

CirCa Gallery, 2, rue de la Roquette 13200 – Arles, France

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