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Paola Paredes: Today is Hard @ Hundred Heroines (online)

From the series Today is Hard, 2020 © Paola Paredes

Paola Paredes: Today is Hard
Opening 8th March


Today is Hard displays a Deeply Personal Response to Contracting Covid-19

“Beyond the indelible evidence of its context, the exhibition invites wider conversation regarding the ways we think about illness; juxtaposed tablets treating both COVID-19 and anxiety and depression, which Paredes has struggled with since her teenage years, indicate the often indistinguishable relationship between mental and physical wellbeing. Challenging the stigma surrounding mental health, Today is Hard illustrates the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day – ‘Choose To Challenge’. The theme, which encourages acceleration towards gender parity, epitomises Hundred+ Heroines’ charitable vision and also represents new territory. While the previous group collection, Cabinet of Remedies, explored the therapeutic quality of art during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and precipitated a sense of community, Today is Hard is unique in its deeply personal individual retelling of this painful, bewildering time.”

Hundred+ Heroines

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