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Photography Podcasts: Now Hear This

This is the second installment of a series of posts about photography podcasts. I mentioned in the first post that I like to listen to others speak about their experience as photographers, or how they came to be photographers. As someone who both creates and writes about photography, I’ve found it very beneficial to read and hear the stories of others.

Thanks to folks who shared some of their favorite podcasts; some of those have been added to my list as well, and I’ve included more of my recommendations below. The first article in this series mentions that some of the most enjoyable programs I listen to are not simply about photography, but focus mainly on really good storytelling. These podcasts might present photographers and/or creatives to discover or re-discover, or highlight genres of work which could open new avenues for creative expression, or present ideas which further your photographic knowledge or expand your present state of mind.   

As always, this list is not intended to be a ‘best of’ list, and is it not rated. I present a group of recommendations for your photographic listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Perfect Bound by Jennifer Yoffy
Perfect Bound is a recently started podcast from publisher Jennifer Yoffy. She talks to artists about their journey as artists: how they got where they are, what right and wrong turns they made along the way, and where they’re heading next. As of the date of this article, she has five interviews already under her belt, and this has quickly become one of the podcasts I can’t wait to hear each time a new episode drops. The photographers featured thus far sound unguarded in their conversations, and it feels like eavesdropping… in a good way.




Keep the Channel Open by Mike Sakasegawa
Keep the Channel Open is a series of in-depth and intimate conversations with people working in all different creative fields.

Since 2016, he has interviewed painters, novelists, short-story writers, poets, photographers, podcasters, gallerists, and more about their work, their creative processes, and the things that matter to them. These informal talks are right up my alley, as they feel like natural conversations that still have an interview framework.




In Discussion by Euan Ross
Euan Ross is an artist based in Glasgow in the West of Scotland. Biblioscapes is the digital library of Ross’ personal collection of photo books and features photographers from around the world, covers a variety of subject matters, themes and styles and includes self-published and handmade books. His approach is refreshingly, and elegantly simple and clear.

In September 2020, Ross began his podcast series, In Discussion, where he talks with the artists, publishers and book designers whose work comprises the library. New podcast releases are regularly added to the collection along with copies of books. That said, it is an on-going process to document them and add them to this digital library.




Photographers of Color Podcast
Host Aaron Turner, coordinator for The Center for Photographers of Color (University of Arkansas School of Art) seeks to promote the advancement of emerging and under-represented artists of color working within photography, digital imaging, and other lens-based media. This podcast is centered on talking about what it means to be a person of color working in photography and other lens-based media today. A strong sense of community prevail here. Turner makes connections and creates a dialogue between the artists themselves, their work and the public. Being able to hear the artists talk about their work in their own words is invaluable.




PhotoWork by Sasha Wolf
Sasha Wolf, noted photography gallerist and author of PhotoWork: Forty Photographers on Process and Practice, conducts conversations with friends, photographers she represents, and photographers she has always wanted to speak with. Wolf is somewhat of an influencer in the photography world, and rightly so given her credentials. If you are interested in hearing from people in her orbit, this is the place to go.




A Small Voice by Ben Smith
Featuring in-depth, long-form interviews with a diverse range of talented, innovative, world-class photographers from established, award-winning and internationally exhibited stars to young and emerging talents, discussing their lives, work and process. Ben Smith is a London-based documentary, portrait and lifestyle photographer with a background in journalism – which really comes through in these insightful conversations.




The Contact Sheet podcast by Kyle McDougall
The Contact Sheet focuses on the idea that making an image is only a small piece of the puzzle. The journey and the unique situations we face often bring the most growth; and that’s what these episodes use as a starting point, and sharing interesting stories and valuable advice that is relatable take it from there. There is a mix of 15-20 minute episodes, as well as longer talks with photographers which run around one hour in length. That diversity makes this a great podcast to catch depending on your listening situation.





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