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Riga Photomonth 2021 – May 24 – July 4 Latvia

Warszawa 28.10.2020 Szósty dzień protestów przeciwko zaostrzaniu ustawy antyaborcyjnej. (c) Rafał Milach

Riga Photomonth “Life after Covid?”
May 24 – July 4

“”Although we are still living in the Covid era, it is clear that this is an important turning point in civilization that will change our habits, perceptions, values ​​and other daily routines. Some call this time an interesting challenge, others – the crisis of Western ideology. In any case, this year has brought both global turmoil – wars, disasters, protests, as well as individual – apathy, depression, creative influxes. In this Riga Photomonth, we want to look back at how these changes have affected photographers and artists, as well as start asking the question of what life might be like in the next stage, ” Riga Photomonth director Arnis Balcus outlines the festival’s focus.”

For more info: Riga Photomonth website (rigasfotomenesis.lv) and Facebook page (facebook.com/RigaPhotomonth)

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