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Toshio Shibata @ IBASHO gallery

Toshio Shibata: Painting/Falling Water
2 September – 10 October 2021

“The works that are included in the exhibition reflect Shibata’s career from 1996 til 2019. It also includes works from the two newest books ‘Painting’ and ‘Falling Water’. Nearly all of Shibata’s works picture civil engineering projects in otherwise natural landscapes. These artificial structures, ubiquitous in Japan’s fields and hills, are built with the foremost emphasis on function, such as preventing landslides, controlling floods, and enabling passage through mountains, and should therefore be completely separated from the pursuit of figurative pleasure and beauty. Shibata, however, uses the geometrical forms of the man-made structures in nature, to detach the landscape that is in front of him, from place and time and therefore from reality, which resembles the effects of a painting.”

IBASHO gallery
tolstraat 67
2000 antwerp

Location: Antwerp, Belgium Type:

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