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Aaron Turner @ Ogden Museum of Southern Art

(Aaron Turner, “Looking at Homer Milton Charles Sr. (Remembrance and Legacy of Fazendeville, Louisiana | 1867 – 1964),” 2022, ©Aaron R. Turner, Courtesy of the artist)

Aaron Turner – Black Alchemy: Remembering Fazendeville
December 9, 2022 through January 29, 2023

“Black Alchemy: Remembering Fazendeville will open on Friday, December 9, 2022 at Ogden Museum of Southern Art and exhibits photographs from Fazendeville (“The Village”), a former African American community in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. Although the physical community no longer exists, it remains ever-present in the memories of former residents, descendants of the community and through plaques dedicated to its memory. Turner states, “There is a complicated narrative and context as to why the community is no longer around; it involves the community finding itself positioned on a historical revolutionary war site.” He continues, “In this project, my role as the artist is to reveal what is hidden, in collaboration with history, through the photographic archive.””

Ogden Museum of Southern Art
925 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

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