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Dismantling Monoliths @ SF Camerawork

Alanna Fields, Untitled (Blue), 2019. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Dismantling Monoliths
January 17 — March 25, 2023

Opening reception Saturday, January 21, 3-6pm

“Dismantling Monoliths originated with the intent to spotlight contemporary artists who are reframing long-established art historical legacies into something new,” says Guest Curator Jamil Hellu. “The exhibition provides a catalyst to promote a valuable dialogue between local artists and image-makers who live outside of the Bay Area. Alanna Fields, Tarrah Krajnak, and Aaron Turner, whose practices intersect in manipulating photographic archives with triumphant agency, remind us that the past is not over and can definitely still be reworked. They create experimental reinterpretations for empowering possible futures. In addition, the works by Xandra Ibarra, Forrest McGarvey, and Marcel Pardo Ariza challenge the colonizing gaze, expanding the horizons for identity representation and inclusion. The plurality of their work investigates the cultural state we are in, shifting old territories to new grounds.”

SF Camerawork
2 Marina Blvd, Building A, San Francisco, CA 94123

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