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Lin Gerkman & Jakub Stanek @ Photon Gallery

© Lin Gerkman, from the series First Snowfall

Lin Gerkman: First Snowfall
Jakub Stanek: In Anticipation of the Sun
From January 20, 2022

First Snowfall (2015— 2021)
The series was created in the space of a disused quarry located in Podutik, a suburb of Ljubljana. The former industrial complex consists of multiple sections in different states of disuse. It was first used as an asphalt production facility for the Road Company of Ljubljana (CPL) and has since been the site of a number of unrealized redevelopment projects since the early 1980s until falling victim to the financial crisis of 2008. The primary aim of this project is to construct a representational remembrance of a place through photographs and found objects. Accumulated over countless visits the images attempt to recreate the essence of the place, which is no longer present for consideration.

In Anticipation of the Sun (2019)
Through symbolic images, the series In Anticipation of the Sun explores the imperceptible yet series threat of air pollution. The artist himself suffers from asthma and other breathing problems, which makes his experience very personal and more intense. Somewhat staged, the objects depicted recapitulate, in a material form, his investigation of air pollution, together with its less visible effects and consequences. The story behind the series is the artist trying to explain the issue to his 3-year-old, followed by their exchange of ideas on the subject.

Photon Gallery
Center for Contemporary Photography
Trg prekomorskih brigad 1
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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