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MARTIN MLECKO @ Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

Martin Mlecko, Private life #061, 2000

March 15 – April 16, 2022

“Private Life is made up of 300 photos found at flea markets or in the personal archives of friends and family. Collected, selected, and reworked by the artist, this “gallery of private snapshots”, spanning 1960s to 1990s, covers a broad spectrum of subjects – parties in the ‘70s, a day at the beach, kissing your aunt on the cheek, or a favorite pet. Mlecko saw himself as a catalyst, someone who is rendering these images visible in a different way. Private Life shows the archetypes of relationships between family and friends, us and others. Susan Sonntag wrote that the most grandiose result of the photographic enterprise is to give us a sense that we can hold the whole world in our heads – as an anthology of images. Mlecko strived to create an anthology of familial contentment, the web that we spin around family and friends, to keep us close, to keep them together. Now an especially poignant reminder of the fragility of the links between people and how easily they can be torn apart. Each snapshot conveyed for Mlecko a sense of beauty in the happiness shown between the people on the print, a recurrent theme in his work. He found the allure in the everyday.”

Dorothée Nilsson Gallery
Potsdamer Strasse 65
10785 Berlin


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