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Wendi Schneider @ Rick Wester Fine Art

Wendi Schneider: Into the Mist
February 10 – April 2

“Wendi Schneider’s first solo exhibition at Rick Wester Fine Art, Into the Mist, is titled for her contemplative response to her pilgrimage into nature as a means of escaping the uncertainty of 2020. Schneider spent time in the mountains of North Carolina practicing shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), a Japanese exercise of being in and reconnecting to the natural world as an antidote to technology and stress. Where the mist shielded the woods, she encountered an atmosphere that reminded her of her childhood in the South, creating an ethereal blanket that erased all sense of time.”

“Returning to her studio in Denver, Schneider was inspired to recreate her experience through her photography practice which incorporates a decades old fascination with, and study of, the Photo Secession, the proto-Modernist movement borne by Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Clarence White, Anne Brigman and others, along with its historical markers. Schneider’s own collection of photogravures and other non-silver printing methods from Stieglitz’s early 20th century photography periodical Camera Notes and Camera Work inform her vision and technique, giving new life to the archaic processes. This harkening back to the roots of photography as a printmaking process, successfully building a bridge between traditional silver-based photography and digital printmaking, further establishes ambiguity in the etymology of the final print.”
– Rick Wester

Rick Wester Fine Art
New York City

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