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10 GIORNATE della fotografia @ National Museum of Photography of Brescia

10 GIORNATE della fotografia is an event dedicated to photographic culture organized by the National Photography Museum of Brescia from 12 May to 21 May 2023. This is the first edition of a ten-day event dedicated to photographic culture. A culturally innovative photographic event. A collaborative, laboratory, exhibition, experimental, open and inclusive party. There will be ten participatory days, which will involve everyone and all ages, there will be a critical and in-depth study of photography in its various facets and possibilities.

The event will give everyone the opportunity to participate and be protagonists of the activities, from workshops on techniques from the past dedicated to schools, to practical demonstrations, photographic sets and market exhibitions set up in the small square in front of the Museum entrance, and talks on contemporary photography, on publishing, on the world of the photographic market, and on reading the image.

Deep Silent ©Christy Lee Rogers

10 GIORNATE della fotografia will take place in the National Photography Museum of Brescia, where the “Deep Silent” exhibition by international photographer Christy Lee Rogers will be set up. The second part of works in the exhibition will be set up in the University Cloisters in San Faustino st. (open until 4 June). The photographer will be live from Nashville on Tuesday 16 May at 7 pm to talk about her work.

The program includes important personalities on the national and international scene, such as the photographer Alain Keller, the author and cartoonist Emmanuel Guibert, the critic Dennis Curti, the art historian Silvio Ferraglio just to name a few guests.

©Alain Keler

The event is part of the events of Bergamo Brescia Capital of Culture 2023 (https://bergamobrescia2023.it/eventi/10giornate-della-fotografia/) and has obtained the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and the Italian Federation of FIAF photographic associations. It is supported by FUTURE FUELS SRL and PETITE PHOTO.

Museo Nazionale della Fotografia di Brescia
Contrada del Carmine, 2F
25122 Brescia BS

10 GIORNATE della fotografia
Museo Brescia
BergamoBrescia capitale italiana della cultura 2023

Stanze ©Gian Luca Groppi

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