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Marco Sanges @ Haus der Fotografie Museum


Marco Sanges: London “Sensations”
7th of October 2023 to 24th of Feb 2024

“Darkly enchanting, these photographs are touching in their depiction of human frailty and
strength. Once the metaphysical rug is whipped out from under your feet, you are forced to
come to a conclusion, make your own mistakes and see the funny side. Suddenly, you too
are part of the picture, rooted to the spot, wildly gesturing and making peculiar faces.
Afterwards you might scratch your head and wonder what just happened, but Sanges is a
magician, an unhinged puppet master with a camera. As you step back out into the June
afternoon, come rain or shine you may feel you’ve a touch of sunstroke- but it’s only your
mind playing tricks on you again.”

Haus der Fotografie Museum
Husum, Germany

Location: Germany, Husum Type:

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