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The Bit Rot Project by featured photographer Valentino Bellini, text by G.Giannelli and G.Griziotti

  E-Waste is the new emerging pathology of the man-environment ecosystem, born during the current historic period characterized by capitalistic production. Electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) is the major flow of waste in the world, growing faster than any other type of waste. With an annual volume that goes between 40 and 50 million tons, […]

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Intermarried by Featured Photographer Yael Ben-Zion

4 years ago I’ve started working on Intermarried. This week the book is being released in Europe. What follows is the afterword I wrote for the book. Afterword Yael Ben-Zion (appeared first in Intermarried (Kehrer, 2013)) In 2007, I was a student at ICP and worked on The City Elders, a project about older people living […]

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“The Fine Line Between” by Barbara Diener

Garrett Baumer, Storage, 2012 For me photography has always been a way to make sense of the world around me, analyzing and dissecting it with my camera. Whether staged, found or often a combination of both, my photographs have always been influenced by a personal interpretation of my interests and experiences. The delicate tension between […]

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“Why Photograph Animals?” by Anne Berry

Wassily Kandinsky teaches that the artist has the ability to “realize the inner sound of things.” I listen for this sound when I photograph animals. People have lost an essential connection to the land and to animals. I photograph animals to strengthen this bond. The animal/human relationship is the cornerstone of my work, and the […]

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“Ralph Eugene Meatyard” by David Cory

Untitled, 1961. ©Estate of Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco When the esteemed editor of F-Stop Magazine suggested writing about a favorite photographer in connection with the publication of my portfolio “Revolution,” I immediately thought of Ralph Eugene Meatyard. Since I first learned about him during a portfolio review with Professor Jeff […]

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hide: Wisconsin deer stands by Jason Vaughn

Wisconsin deer stands fascinate me. Some hide along the tree line, some stand proudly in the middle of a field. Some are simple shacks built into the branches, others are free-standing structures with carpeting and television. As I carry my photography equipment long distances to reach them, I relate to the sentiment that I hear […]

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Matthew Dols Interview about his photographic series ‘Sentimentalist’

F-Stop: How did you first become involved in photography and what led to working in this medium as an artist? Matthew: I became involved in photography through a series of events over a period of time. When I was in high school, my older brother was taking photography so my parents set up a home darkroom in […]

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