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About Richard Storm

Richard Storm is a photographer and writer based in NYC. You can see his work at nyphotony.com He tweets too @nyphotony

Book Review: Dirty Rendezvous by Chas Ray Krider

They say that the downfall of every great hero is wine and women. In the case of Dirty Rendezvous it’s more like whiskey and women. Chas Ray Krider has made a career out of contemporary/classic fetishized retro pinup photos with a hint of mystery while using some of the most gorgeous alt models on the
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Book Review: Those Were The Days When I Used To Drive Around With A Horse’s Head On by Espen Ramberg Krukhaug

I love music. I love metal. I love punk. I’ve always gravitated toward the heavier side of music and the heavy/extreme music scene in general. “Those were the days…” is a book through the perspective of a person who has toured with bands. If you’re expecting crystal clear photos of bands that give you pangs
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Book Review: Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980’s by Charles H. Traub

Europe has always been a fascinating place for Americans to visit. When it comes to Italy there has always been an air of romance and mystery. Italy has always had a very alluring quality especially in photos. Charles Traub’s Dolce Via is no different. This book is a photographic journey through Italy in the 1980s.
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