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Hans Durrer is an author and addiction counsellor based in Switzerland., Two of his books are in English: Ways of Perception, Bangkok 2006; Framing the World, Houston 2011.

Book Review: The World Ain’t Enough… by Oliver Raschka

Oliver Raschka, trained in economics and psychology, lives in Stuttgart, Germany. As a photographer he is essentially self-taught, in addition, he attended numerous workshops with renowned photographers. The world ain’t enough… documents the first ten years of his two sons. The black and white photographs show them at home and at play, at sporting events […]

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Book Review: Kicking Sawdust by Clayton Anderson

Thinking of the circus automatically makes me feel sawdust, smell the odour of animals and imagine people who are constantly on the road. In my youth, the ones travelling with the circus did spell freedom and independence for me – a romantic myth, of course. This book, however, “doesn’t try to paint a nostalgic fantasy, […]

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Book Review: Self Evident Truths by iO Tillett Wright

“In the spirit of Richard Avedon, this book contains striking photographic portraits of 10,000 people from across the US, bringing readers face to face with LGBTQ America,” the press release lets me know. Patrisse Cullors, “the cofounder of several organizations including Dignity and Power Now, The Crenshaw Dairy Mart, and Black Lives Matter” characterises this […]

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Book Review: Grönland by Ulrike Crespo

Grönland (Greenland) is a tome in German and English by Ulrike Crespo (1950-2019) whose background in art history, archaeology and psychology seems to have influenced her photographic work. To me at least, the cover and pic number 6, for instance, look as fascinatingly indecipherable as our unconscious. What attracted me first and foremost to this […]

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Book Review: Phil Bergerson: A Retrospective

Canadian photographer and educator Phil Bergerson (b. 1947, Toronto) “found his calling as a photographer in the American social and cultural landscape” in the late 1980s while on a sabbatical from teaching at Ryerson University. “The focus of his work ever since has been the signs, display windows, hand-painted murals and graffiti found in cities […]

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Book Review: Frauen erneuern Havanna by Christine Heidrich

Editor and architect Christine Heidrich is the founder of a company that creates concepts, designs, colour tones, and atmospheres for architecture, exhibitions, productions and city spaces. Texts for this tome were provided by her and Irén Blanco-Inceosman, Maria Victoria Zardoya Loureda, and Peter Widmer. Moreover, there is also a series of very well-composed photographs by […]

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Book Review: To Hans by Vivian Keulards

“My brother Hans was 38 years old when he was found dead in a Berlin hotel room. He had suffered a cardiac arrest, caused by drugs. His death was a fact, the way he died a taboo. For years and years, we – his family – did not speak openly about his addictions,” Dutch conceptual […]

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Book Review: A Sense of Place by Charlotta María Hauksdóttir

In 2003, Charlotta María Hauksdóttir moved from her native Iceland to California to study photography. “The relocation stirred in her a sense of rootlessness and a yearning for the landscapes of her childhood,” the press release says. She began to make regular trips to Iceland to take photographs “that she would then reconstruct and repurpose […]

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Book Review: Kings of Afghanistan by Pieter-Jan De Pue

In exchange for travel and accommodation expenses, Pieter-Jan De Pue photographed Afghanistan for NGOs. “It was during these trips that his plan to create a docufiction developed. The Land of the Enlightened was created between 2007 and 2015,” I learn from the foreword by Dorian van der Brempt.  Also: “Afghanistan is a country that does […]

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Book Review: I’ve Always Been a Cowboy in My Heart by Sandy Carson

Photo books that make me smile are rare. Sandy Carson’s “I’ve Always Been a Cowboy in My Heart” is one of them for this Scotsman has an eye for the absurdities of daily American life. He sees what most Americans probably do not really see – that the things they surround themselves with have often […]

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