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Photography Museum Days 2021

PHmuseum is a curated platform created in 2012 focused on finding innovative ways to display photography and to engage, educate, and connect. PHmuseum has an online exhibition (first launched in 2013) and an online education component (the first lesson was launched in 2017; today its program goes from portfolio reviews, to workshops and masterclasses). It
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Location: Bologna, Italy Type: ,

Mario Testino @ 29 Arts in Progress Gallery

Location: Italy, Milan Type:

PhMuseum Days 23 to 26 September 2021 Bologna, Italy

Location: Bologna, Italy Type:

Gregor Sailer @ Lumen Museum

Location: Italy Type:

Images Gibellina 30 July – 29 August 2021 Italy

Location: Italy Type: , ,

Peter Ydeen @ AOCF58 Galleria Bruno Lisi

Location: Italy, Rome Type:

Reconstruction @ Cloisters of Saint Dominic, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Location: Italy Type:

Marzio Toniolo @ Torrefazione Vittoria

Marzio Toniolo: MARSHRÙTKA (МАРШРУТКА) 20th December, 2019/15th February, 2020 Torrefazione Vittoria. Via Ferrabò 4, Cremona

Location: Cremona, Italy Type:

Oriana Majoli @ Torrefazione Vittoria

Oriana Majoli: LVMEN OBSCVRA 04th May, 2019/21st June, 2019 vernissage 03rd May, 2019 “LVMEN OBSCVRA explores and tells shades of darkness. With the eclipse of reason, the nature, the unconscious and the human weaknesses return to feeding themselves with darkness. Darkness is anguish and attraction, despair and morbid shelter. LVMEN OBSCVRA scans the human soul
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Location: Cremona, Italy Type:

Mattia Omar Raboni @ Torrefazione Vittoria

Mattia Omar Raboni: DUST 08th December, 2018/22nd February, 2019 Curator: Walter Borghisani “Dust is a journey made of spaces to explore in an emotionally empathetic way, made of references to our experience (of joys but also of fears): a journey through “forgotten” but not abandoned places. And, in this sense and wanting to go down
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Location: Cremona, Italy Type:

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