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Book review: Striking Balance by Dinesh Boaz

The coffee-table quality book Striking Balance by Dinesh Boaz contains striking, saturated, color images of our world as seen from above. Boaz creates these aerial images in beautiful places around the globe: Hawaii, California, Arizona, Utah, Greece, Sri Lanka, New York City, and Florida. Photographs from Striking Balance have been featured in Conde Nast online, […]

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Book Review: Moon Shine by Rachel Boillot

In order to survive, we human beings do just about everything. We’ve even invented time – an organisational tool that is immensely useful (and secures Swiss watch makers a decent income) but also terrorises us. From Lisa Volpe, who contributed the essay “Natural Rhythms: Time in the Cumberland Plateau” to this tome, I learn that […]

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Interview with photographer Rachael Banks

Rachael Banks is a photographer from Louisville, Kentucky, and is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Northern Kentucky University. In Issue 94, we feature her work in the thematic context of animals while acknowledging her work focuses primarily on family dynamics, relationships, and nostalgia. She is also especially interested in social subcultures and identity informed […]

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Book Review: Sol Y Tierra by Emily Matyas

Given the present political climate in the United States of America, I automatically think of Mr Trump’s border wall obsession when being confronted with the subtitle of “Sol y Tierra” which is, “Views Beyond the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1988-2018.” Photographer Emily Matyas however does not engage in a discussion about border security but shows with a […]

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World Pinhole Day 2019 @ St Pauls Learning Centre – Bristol

World Pinhole Day 2019 Sunday 28th April 11-00am and 1-00 – World pinhole Photography day Workshops. Come and celebrate the 19th year of this event with two x 1 hour pinhole workshops where you can come along, take some mad images with an empty aluminium drink can then watch the negatives magically appear in the […]

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Book review: Real Pictures: Tales of a Badass Grandma by Peggy Nolan

The rough, coral-red fabric cover for this book matches a photo album in my parent’s home. My own childhood is documented inside that album, and several more like it with photos of birthday celebrations, first-day-of-school portraits, and me at five years of age holding a banana while standing next to an incredibly tall sunflower. My […]

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Book Review: This Empty World by Nick Brandt

What you get to see in this tome are colour photographs of animals and people in situations that seem somewhat unreal and, I learn from reading the accompanying texts, are staged. Photographer Nick Brandt writes that “with absolute inevitability, nearly everyone is assuming that I photographed the animals and then dropped them, via Photoshop, into […]

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Book Review: The Moor by Robert Darch

A quote from Cormac McCarthy’s dystopian novel, The Road, sets the stage for The Moor. Robert Darch’s photo book depicts a fictionalized dystopian future situated on the bleak moorland landscapes of Dartmoor, England. Darch explains that the project draws on childhood memories, and influences from contemporary culture to create a narrative that references local and […]

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Book Review: Upstate by Tema Stauffer

Combining poetic landscapes and interiors with portraiture, American fine art photographer Tema Stauffer explores the visually and historically complex community, culture and architecture of one of the oldest regions in America in her beautiful new monograph, Upstate. The foreword and essay included in Upstate compliment each other and Stauffer’s photographs like a matched set. The pacing and […]

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Book Review: The Isle of Dogs: Before the Big Money by Mike Seaborne

Now home to Canary Wharf and global finance, the Isle of Dogs was once the beating heart of industrial East London. These photographs, taken between 1982 and 1987, show the island just before the big money moved in and the area was forever transformed. Photographer Mike Seaborne documented the area, capturing the people who lived […]

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