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Book Review: Year of the Beast by Tara Wray

Year of the Beast is a photo diary of 2020 featuring scenes from life in rural Vermont, under a looming specter of doom. It isn’t a book about the pandemic. It’s a record of a specific time and place as seen through the eyes of one photographer, but with universal themes and universal appeal. “I can’t
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Book Review: El Dorado Freddy’s by Danny Caine and Tara Wray

El Dorado Freddy’s: Chain Restaurants in Poems and Photographs, as a title, only scratches at the surface of the treasures within. It is described as a literary yet goofy book about American food and identity, and tackles such weighty subjects as Olive Garden, Applebee’s, and the conundrum of Pizza Hut cheese. Poet Danny Caine crafts
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